Miss. Jones's History Classes

Message Board Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the message board link? 
It's on the home page at the very bottom left.  Click on the class that you are taking with me and it will take you to that class's specific board.  The website for the main board that contains all of my classes is http://www.missjonesaphistory.proboards.com/ 

I forgot my class's password. 
Email me at jennifer.jones@leonagroup.com and I will send it to you.  Please write it down and keep it in your wallet/purse so that you won't lose it again. 

Why can't I see the other class' message boards?
Because you're not in those classes, just as they cannot see your board. 

What's the point of the message boards?
If you are at home and have a question about the lesson, I can attempt to answer it.  If you are wondering if tomorrow is a test or not, you can find out on your class board.  Did you miss school today?  Post on the board and, depending on the lesson, you might find help on what was covered.  AP students will be obtaining homework from their board.  It is not a place to socialize, but it is a fantastic resource for learning.   

So can I bully other kids on these boards? 
Absolutely not.  Any inappropriate conduct will result in banning and severe disciplinary action IRL.  (That's "in real life" for all you newbies out there.)